DID 520 ZVMX Gold Chain, 120 links, 520 pitch size


DID Gold Chain 520 Pitch ZVMX 120 links.

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CODE: 401582120

The DID ZVM-X uses X-Ring technology, the best technology available for transmission chains. The lubricating grease is in fact retained by torsion and not crushing, resulting in a lower drag resistance or greater smoothness and less dispersion of power (more horsepower and less fuel consumption), and a longer life of the chain over time.
The chain must in any case be cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals using only specific detergents and lubricants.

Features :

-X-RING technology.
-Step 520.
-Gold & Gold plates “Gold” heat treatment on external and internal plates.
-Tensile strength 3970Kg (38.9 KN).
-Life Report 3500.

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