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Motorcycle Suspension Specialists

Set-up for perefect handling, control & feedback

MP Performance are k-tech trained suspension specialists as well as being k-tech suspension authorized dealer in GCC & Middle East.

We provide services such as suspension set-up, optimisation to rider’s weight, installation, regular servicing and refreshing for many types of motorcycles and any manufacturer’s suspension components. We also sell K-tech suspension components and have direct support from the factory, as well as we can sell a wide range of the highest quality duspension components from other brands such as Öhlins, Nitron, Hagon, YSS, HyperPro, KYB, FG Gubellini.

Many riders tend to underlook their suspension components needs of servicing. Most manufacuters recommend changing forks and gas fluids every 2 seasons, riders usually don’t feel the need of getting suspension parts serviced as the feeling is not changing in quick timed manner that warrants checking or “hmm something doesn’t feel right!”. Almost everyone feels the difference after suspension service and most agree it feels as an upgraded parts.

Inhouse suspension services

Suspension servicing & refreshing

Our suspension technicians can service and recondition motorcycle suspension – forks and shock absorbers – from any manufacturer.


  • Shock absorber full service (includes shaft seal, wiper seal, dust seal, suspension fluid and gas – unservicable parts are billed additionally) priced at 1350.00 AED + VAT
  • Twin-shock service 2050.00 AED + VAT
  • Forks service (including seals & suspension fluid) is 620.00 AED + VAT

Prices above are based on …..

Suspension setup & optimisation

Ride In & Out, Motorcycle suspension set-up service

We will correctly set the correct front and rear sag to your average weight with riding gear, then make adjustments to the compression and rebound damping to allow well controlled and balanced movement of the front and rear suspension. This will provide the rider -you- with the most that your bike’s suspension can offer. The setup is a compromise between road and track riding optimisation.

Static sag and suspension set-up service:

  • Static suspension sag setup is 349.00 AED + VAT 

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