DID 525 pitch ZVM-X2 X-RING Gold (120 links)

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Brand: DID

The ZVM-X2 Super Reinforced chain series has the industry leading, patented X-Ring seal technology, which leads to extended chain life and less stretch on high power applications, minimal friction, designed for extreme heavyweight use with high torque and horsepower.

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The D.I.D ZVM-X Series utilizes patented x-ring seal and has greater strength than the VX Series and is designed for heavyweight motorcycles with tremendous torque and horsepower. The twisting action of the x-ring increases its sealing performance and its four contact points minimizes power loss. The ZVM-X series direct energy transfer, born from experience in MotoGP, means greater stretch resistance under load.

The ZVM-X chain is a great chain for high powered street bikes but may also be utilized on adventure bikes.


  • Max engine size: 1,300cc
  • Tensile strength: 10,408 lbs
  • Weight (100L): 2.1kg
  • Seal x-ring
  • Chain life index: 4,000
  • Pin length: 0.913″
  • Pin diameter: 0.217″
  • Inner plate thickness: 2.4 mm
  • Outer plate thickness: 2.6 mm


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