Make the engine run at optimum
Air-Fuel-Ratio, smoothly & safely

  • Custom fuel mapping – each throttle position, RPM & Gear for optimal Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Improved ignition maps
  • ECU & Fuel-Controller Flashing/Tuning.
  • Engine Braking Mapping
  • Disabled fault codes for removed parts
  • Fan Temperature adjust


    Dyno tuning is the core of our business. Our advanced Dyno room helps us to achieve the maximum performance and simulate real racing conditions and it helps us develop race parts.

With our Dynojet Eddy brake controlled dyno and the unrivalled levels of experience & expertise in tuning road, race & offroad motorbikes all mappings are adjusted and made in house so each tune is done to individual motorcycle. 

We never copy maps from online resources and we simulate all scenarios before the bike is being handed to customer. We truly believe each engine is different even though it is coming from the same assembly line. 

Factory Injection map is made for stock Air Filter & Exhaust system. Once you replace those two components you will throw off the Air-Fuel-Ratio making the engine run lean, running engine lean will result in damage to the engine internals in the long run. To restore the correct AFR to its optimal number must run the bike on Dyno to observe and change many values to rebalance everything. 

To restore the AFR (Air-Fuel-Ratio) to its optimal condition (AFR between 12.8-13.4), your bike will run perfectly and you will gain 5-30 HP depending on the engine size and restrictions. A good AFR (Air to Fuel Ratio) will not damage your pistons or valves from being ran lean (AFR > 14.7). In some situations like idle and no load it’s perfectly fine to run the bike that lean as there’s no load applied to the motor. Also to achieve smooth acceleration from low RPM range a slightly lean condition (13.4-14) is perfectly suitable and depends on the bike, model & state of tune. 

Dyno tune session usually takes 2-3 hours. It starts with general and in depth check of the bike. With many checklist and safety protocols strictly followed to ensure your bike’s and our technicians safety. 

A fully tuned motorcycle which means instant throttle response with a smooth transition, improved power and torque, cooler running temperature, less engine vibration on certain rpm, smoother gear shifts on certain models, longer engine life. 

You can watch our tuner in the Dyno (entry prohibited unless allowed otherwise).  Once the motorbike is lowered from the Dyno you will be asked to give us feedback off your test drive. Your feedback is important to us so that we readjust the state-of-tune to your preference and wishes.

Q: Will affect the engine life or reliability? 

A: No, a well tuned bike will run longer and without problems since it will have optimal AFR. 


We expect from you to prepare your bike for Dyno by following this document guide (checklist): 

  • Chain in good condition
  • No rear wheel cover
  • No oil leaks
  • No leaks of coolant, oil, brake fluid 
  • No missfire
  • No cracks in the rear tyre and no tire older than 3 years
  • Functional gear sensor, clutch switch and no other electronic issues except servo motor and O2 sensors for a newly installed exhaust
  • Minimum half fuel tank
  • Healthy battery and starter
Anything that is not as per above that will need fixing while bike is on dyno will be charged additionally with 500dhs/hour + parts if needed.

Dyno Tuning Services

Dyno Check & Diagnosis

Our Tuning Engineer will observe and run your bike on the Dyno simulating driving conditions and generate Dyno charts for inspecting the state-of-tune.


  • Dyno run to check for general AFR (Air-Fuel-Ratio) and maximum horse power & Torque priced at 500.00 AED
  • When extra checks are needed for diagnosis there will additional charge of 200dhs/20mins until the issue is fixed/replicated. (customer’s approval is required for the extra time)

Dyno Tune

Our Tuning Engineer will generate a custom individual map for your bike to suit its current modifications with an engine in stock form. For built engines/turbo/supercharged etc please contact us for pricing.


  • Full custom Fuel Controller tuning throttle, RPM, gear, riding condition/scenario & temperature/elevation. priced at ##### AED + VAT.
  • Full custom ECU tuning throttle, RPM, gear, riding condition/scenario & temperature/elevation. from ##### AED + VAT.
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